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Hair Line
It is a product ground using sand paper with an adequate grain size to show consecutive abrasive patterns, and is most widely used for building interior/exterior materials such as sash, door and panel.

No.4 / No.8
No. 4 is a product ground using a 150~180-mesh sand paper and is a product that has fine silver-white smooth surface. No. 8 is a product ground by rotating the buff with an 800-mesh(or above) abrasive and is used for constructional interior/exterior materials, tubs, kitchen supplies, small mirror products and reflectors.

Processible Specifications

Processed Product Hair Line No.4 No.8
Thickness 0.4~5.0 0.4~5.0 0.6~5.0
Width 600~1,550 600~1,550 600~1,550
Production Capacity 12,000 Ton/Year 12,000 Ton/Year 6,000 Ton/Year

Packaging Type